Docks In & Grounds Clean-Up (Mandatory to all Members)

Docks-in and Grounds Clean-up occurs on the Saturday before Crane In is a chance to catch up on what everyone has been up to all winter. In between renewing friendships and catching up a lot of work gets done. The docks are put in the water and hauled to their proper mooring area. In the meantime, the lawns are being raked and cleaned of debris from the winter.

During the previous week the kitchen and club house will have already been cleaned for the season. The club house and kitchen will be ready for the crew who will be preparing a delicious lunch for all those who have come out to help.

Crane-In (Mandatory to Boat Owners)

On the Friday after Grounds-Clean-up members will again get together for another busy day. After a spring of washing, scraping, waxing and painting, finally the boats are ready to go in the water. A large crane will come in and help to launch all the boats that will be wet-moored for the season. Again there will be a crew in the kitchen preparing another superb meal.

Annual Sail Past

Sail Past dates back to the very beginnings of Naval traditions and is a ceremony of inspecting a fleet of ships and showing respect to the Commander in charge. Protocol demanded that a flagship be anchored with the Admiral and staff on the quarterdeck to receive and return the salute. Vessels sailed past, dipping their colours in salute, and with their captain also saluting with the ship’s company standing at attention. The Vice Admiral would lead the fleet passing in review and the final vessel in the line would carry the Rear Admiral. Stormont Yacht Club has a tradition that is almost identical, except that the salute is received by the Commodore instead of the Admiral and the salute is delivered by the passing boat.

The annual Sail Past signals the official beginning of the boating season. It is a festive occasion that all members of the club are encouraged to enjoy. This is a day which combines the formality of a traditional Sail Past with a relaxing day spent with friends while enjoying appetizers and a toast to the coming season.

Adult Sail Weekend

This weekend experience is designed for beginner sailors. Spend time sailing and socializing with the members of Stormont Yacht Club and learn the basic principles of sailing, cruising, and racing. The weekend experience includes two lunches and a barbeque dinner provided by the members of Stormont Yacht Club.

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Founders Day

Founders Day is a Pot luck where members get together to observe, remember and celebrate the beginning of Stormont Yacht Club which was just an idea in 1957 and Incorporated in 1958. Fun events and games are usually held on the lawn for both adults and kids alike. Prizes may be awarded. This is great event to get together with friends and fellow sailors.

Borland Race

The Borland Race is in memory of Bill Borland. For Several years Bill used his “big” boat, a 19 ft Cygnus and later a 22ft Hurley, to lead an annual dinghy fleet cruise up the river, usually in early August, a two day beat, camping on Croil Island and Broder Island near Morrisburg, followed by a spinnaker run home on the Holiday Monday.

Since 1975, it has been an annual two day club cruise by wet moored boats from SYC to Crysler Marina and back. Those choosing to race do so up river for the Upper Canada Village Trophy and down River for the Sails and Paddles Trophy.

After docking at Chrysler Marina it is time to socialize followed by dinner. The next day is a later start with the boats either cruising or racing back to SYC.

Canada Day

Occasionally someone will host an impromptu BBQ/Pot Luck for Canada Day. After the meal has been served and everything is cleaned up, members will head out to the mooring field west of the bay to watch the local fireworks that are set off by the Long Sault Fire Department. Many boats will raft together to enjoy the show.

Commodore’s Cruise

This event is a casual two day cruise to the lovely town of Waddington, NY. This is a great way to see some of the sights along the St. Lawrence and again socialize with fellow SYC Members. On almost every weekend in Waddington there is a concert down by the water and right by the boat docks.

Jazz Night

This is a relatively new event. The Trevorclefs which consist of a drummer, keyboard, bass guitar, singer and sax will set up in the Round Room and literally play for their supper. This is another great Pot luck that is well attended and enjoyed by all. Tables and chairs are removed to make room for dancing.

Pot Luck and Games Night

Since there are not many social events that happen in the month of August, someone may take it upon themselves to organize and Pot Luck Games Night/Moonlight cruise. Pot Lucks are always very popular and well attended.

Ladies Day

Usually Ladies Day is held on the Saturday of the Labour Day weekend. This race has transitioned over the years from an actual race where the women took the “Big Boats” out and traversed a race course, to where the Ladies will be taken out for a sail that is crewed by the men. Some of our boats will still be skippered and crewed by the women. After the “race” the women may anchor out in the mooring fields while the men will ferry drinks and snack to the awaiting ships. Back on shore the men are busy preparing dinner and basically catering to the women.

Turkey Race and Pot Luck

The Turkey Race is a novelty sailing event that us usually held in September. No trophy is awarded, but the prize usually consists of a frozen turkey. Members are able to test their skills and ability to follow directions during what is usually a treasure hunt.

Fleet Captain’s Brunch

The Fleet Captains Brunch is the official end to the racing season. Usually organized by the spouse or partner of the Fleet Captain, this is one of the last events to get together with friends and fellow sailors made over the season before the boats come out for the water for the winter.

Crane Out (Mandatory to Boat Owners)

Crane-out is a sad day that officially ends the sailing season. The mast and rigging having previously been taken down and stored away, the boat has been winterized it is now time again for the two large cranes to come in. Only this time they are hauling-out the boats for the winter. This is a time for members to get together and talk of the past season(s) and take a look at their bottoms (boats that is) and see what needs to be done for the coming season. Again the kitchen crew is preparing a wonderful lunch.

Past Commodores Dinner

The Past Commodores Dinner is the final event of the season. As the name indicates, this is an event to get together to honour the Past Commodores and to celebrate another season at Stormont Yacht Club. Racing trophies and prizes are awarded, stories are told.