About SYC

The Stormont Yacht Club is a self-help Club, operated by its members. Located at Long Sault Ontario next to the St. Lawrence Parks, this picturesque location is often described by members as a cottage. The waters, which include the Islands of the Long Sault Parkway, provide an excellent area for sailing.

Stormont Yacht Club Mission Statement

Stormont Yacht Club (SYC) is a not-for-profit, member-operated private club whose main purposes are to provide sailing, sail training  and recreational facilities for its members, to actively promote and encourage the sport of sailing in its local area, and to contribute to water safety in its immediate area.  With safety being the premier operational focus, SYC also strives to provide a clean, pleasant and environmentally friendly facility.

SYC Harbour Facilities

  • A combination of bay and off-shore moorings to a maximum of 90 registered boats
  • Cradle Storage and Winter Storage
  • Pump-out and Mast-Crane
  • Swim Platform
  • Visitors Dock
  • Front Dinghy Dock and Dinghy Rack

Seaway to SYC

Seaway to Stormont Yacht Club

Seaway to SYC

Stormont Yacht Club is located within sight of green buoy XS7, Chart 1433, adjacent to the village of Long Sault. Coordinates immediately off our front dock are 450 01.60’N and 0740 52.97’W.

While the average depth in the bay is 15 – 20 feet, the average depth from seaward, including fifty feet on either side of our finger dock is 6 feet. “Straight-in” approaches to either of our berthing bays have a six-foot depth while inside the berthing bays are 10 feet.