Visiting Yachts

This policy has been established by the Directors of The Stormont Yacht Club (SYC) to encourage and support programs involving the use of the Club’s facilities to promote sailing and cruising activities within the boating community. The Stormont Yacht Club welcomes visitors from all recognized yacht clubs and encourages them to use its facilities.

SYC Reciprocal Letter

Download our SYC reciprocal letter here.

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Visitor’s vessels exceeding 37 feet in length or 12 feet of beam (based on trade name) will not be permitted to enter SYC harbors or moor on offshore moorings or the front dock.

Due to fluctuating water levels visitor’s vessels exceeding 5 foot draft cannot be guaranteed entry/exit from:

  • SYC harbors.
  • Pump-out Station.
  • Mast Crane (Subject to 400lbs limit)

Visitor’s vessels which meet these conditions will be directed to the visitors dock, an empty slip or an SYC offshore mooring, depending on availability.

Visitor’s vessels are not to be secured to the front dock overnight, or during high wind or storm conditions.

CHARGES – RECIPROCATING YACHT CLUBS: A yacht from any recognized reciprocating yacht club may be granted visitor status. The charges under these conditions will be:

  • No docking charge for the first two nights;
  • $20 per night for each subsequent night up to a maximum of four nights per visit;
  • Use of both pump-out and mast crane is permitted at no charge.

CHARGES – NON-RECIPROCATING YACHT CLUBS: A yacht from a non-reciprocating yacht club may be granted visitor status. The charges under these conditions will be:

  • No docking charge for first night;
  • Each additional night will be $20 per night up to a maximum of three (3) nights.
  • The charge for pump-out use will be $10 per pump-out.
  • The charge for the mast crane will be $35 for a single mast and $55 for two masts.


Visiting yachts must register in the Guest Book and complete a liability waiver and insurance declaration form. The Duty Officer or welcoming member must ensure that these formalities are completed and note this in the Duty Officer’s Log.

Visitors from non-reciprocating yacht clubs should be encouraged to contact their club management with a view to initiating reciprocity.