Season Commencement Form

SYC Members:

No sooner have we wrapped up one season but it’s time to start planning a new one.

Here is your Season Commencement Form, which must be filled in and received by February 1, 2017, latest. Your actual fees invoice will be mailed to you separately and will be, in part, based on this form.

I must draw your attention to the attached extract from the mooring policy, which defines the priorities that will be used by the Harbourmaster in assigning slips &/or moorings. It is up to you to meet deadlines. Delay of the receiving & processing of the information, could cause you to lose your preferred mooring or preferred Duty Officer Date.

I need to receive either hard or soft copy of your completed Season Commencement Form at the mailing or e-mail address provided as soon as possible, and before February 1, 2017. If you have difficulties meeting our requirements, or if you require clarification of anything, call or e-mail me.

Once I have received your completed form, you will be emailed a notification of its receipt.  If you do not receive this notification, please contact me. Forms have been lost in the past. This way, you can be assured that it has been received.

Thank you,
Michael J. Beelich

4.7 Annual Assignment of Moorings

4.7.1 To be assigned a mooring, members must: Pay in full the amount invoiced by the Treasurer; Provide advice of mooring requirements to the Harbourmaster for the upcoming season. Provide written confirmation of insurance coverage details in the manner directed by the Board. On or about March 1 of each season the Harbourmaster shall, depending upon availability and accessibility, assign slips and moorings in accordance with the following priorities:

  • Priority 1: Members, who were slip/mooring incumbents in the past season, and who meet all the conditions, shall be assigned slips/moorings.
  • Priority 2: Members who were not incumbents, but who are on the waiting list, and meet all the conditions, shall be assigned slips/moorings.
  • Priority 3: Members who are not incumbents, and who are not on a waiting list but have met all the conditions, shall be assigned slips/moorings.
  • Priority 4: Members who do not as of March 1 meet all the conditions shall, upon meeting all the conditions, pay a late-payment penalty & be assigned a slip or mooring on an as-available basis. This opportunity will close at 18:00 on March 30.
  • Priority 5: Members who do not meet all the conditions until after 18:00 on March 30, will pay a late-payment penalty and be placed at the bottom of the waiting list for a mooring.

4.7.2 Members who fail to meet any or all conditions will not be craned-in and, may have their boats & cradles moved on crane-in day due to parking lot requirements. They will be invoiced for any crane fees so incurred.

Part 1: Duty Officer Assignment

Duty Officer's (two per day) will be assigned on Public Holidays & on each Saturday & Sunday from Docks-in through Docks-out.

  • Partners in a family membership will normally be assigned together.
  • Where appropriate, & on request, the Vice-Commodore will assign an experienced member to assist & guide newer members.
  • Duty Officer Assignment does not apply to members of the board.

Note that the Vice-Commodore typically draws up an assignment schedule on a first- come first-served basis in the days prior to March 1; so the earlier he receives your choices the more likely you are to get one of your options. After this date, assignments will simply be assigned without regard to preferences. Please note that once assigned a date, it is your responsibility to be there or arrange a replacement.

Name of Adult Member(s)

Member 1:
Member 2:
Your Email:
Please indicate your first, second & third preferred dates. If you do not have a preferred date, please select "I have no date preference".
1st Preference:
2nd Preference:
3rd Preference:

Part 2: Crane Services & Mooring Requirements

Do you wish to maintain your membership this year? YesNo
Are you Family, Adult, Student or Junior? FamilyAdultStudentJunior
Do you own a boat? YesNo
Will you require crane-in? YesNo
Do you expect to require Crane-out at season’s-end? YesNo


Do you wish to maintain an in-bay wet mooring this season? YesNo
Do you wish to maintain an offshore wet mooring this season? YesNo
Do you wish to maintain a wet mooring, but allow a sub-let with your own boat in dry storage? YesNo
*This option is only available with board approval, after submission to the board with an acceptable reason for the request.
Do you wish to wet moor a tender (“In-bay” boats only)? YesNo
Do you wish summer dry mooring for a Dinghy IE: laser, canoe, kayak, etc. YesNo


Do you wish dry storage (remain on the hard) this season? YesNo
Do you expect to require winter storage for your boat?
If you change your plans please inform the Harbourmaster as soon as possible.
Do you want cradle/trailer storage this season? YesNo
Do you wish to winter store a Dinghy IE: laser, canoe, kayak etc. YesNo


Do you wish to rent a locker, if available? YesNo
Are you interested in having a refresher in boat handling? YesNo

I have read & agree to the following conditions

  1. The Owner(s) release the Stormont Yacht (SYC) from any legal responsibility in connection with the launch & mooring of their vessels.
  2. The Owner(s) or a delegate (known to the harbourmaster) will be in attendance at crane-in/out.
    On crane-in/out days the harbours are closed & no work is to be performed on an owner’s boat until all crane-in/out activities have been completed.
  3. The Owner(s) shall be assigned work-sharing tasks by the Harbourmaster or crane-in/out.
  4. The Owner(s) shall remove all materials used to prepare their vessels for crane-in/out.

Part 3: Insurance Declaration

I/We accept and are in compliance with The Stormont Yacht Club’s requirement that members maintain liability insurance in an amount no less than $1,000,000 on all boats whenever moored at SYC or stored on SYC property.

Insured Name(s):
PCOC Card Number:
Boat Name:
Boat Builder & Model:
Insurance Company:
Policy Number:
Liability Coverage Amount:
Expiry Date:
Insurance Type: MarineHome

I/We shall maintain insurance coverage continuously beyond the expiry date given above & while my/our boat is moored &/or stored at SYC, & shall advise The Stormont Yacht Club of any change in insurance status or detail.

N.B. Separate forms are required for each boat.