Season Commencement Form

The Stormont Yacht Club Season Commencement Form (SCF) must be filled in by ALL members and received by January 24th, each year to ensure billing can be issued by February 1st and payment received before March 1st in accordance with our by-laws. This form indicates your desire to maintain a membership and is used to calculate any and all fees associated with your membership and services you require from SYC. If not provided by the due date, SYC will assume you no longer wish to be a member and you will coordinate with SYC to remove your boat(s) from SYC if applicable.

The SCF can be accessed and completed in three different ways based on your preferences: Website, electronically or paper copies. The details pertaining to each one are as follow:

  1. Website: The form can be filled and submitted below.  Once done, it will be sent to the appropriate club officers.
  2. Electronically: Simply fill in the information electronically: save the document under a filename that shows your surname and the year and then send it as an e-mail attachment to As many do not have an electronic signature, an e-mail received is an acceptable substitute.
  3. Paper copy (this option will not be available after 2018): Download the paper copy, print all sections in their entirety, fill them in as required & mail them to:
    The Stormont Yacht Club: Season Commencement Form
    Box 1321, Cornwall, ON. K6H 5V4

Part 1: Membership Information

Has any of your membership information changed from the previous year? (Membership Type, Billing Address, Email, Phone) YesNo

Membership Requirements

Select you membership requirements:

Billing Address

Postal Code

Member(s) Email

Member 1
Member 2

Member(s) Phone

Member 1
Member 2

Part 2: Duty Officer Assignment

Duty Officer's (two per day minimum) will be assigned on Public Holidays and on each Saturday and Sunday from Crane-in through Docks-out. Please indicate your first, second and third preferred dates.

  • Partners in a family membership will normally be assigned together.
  • Where appropriate, and on request, the Vice-Commodore will assign an experienced member(s) to assist and guide newer member(s).
  • Duty Officer Assignment does not apply to members of the board.

Note that as the Vice-Commodore typically draws up an assignment schedule on a first-come first-served basis in the days prior to March 1, the earlier he/she receives your choices the more likely you are to get one of your options. After this date, assignments will simply be assigned without regard to preferences. Also note that once assigned a date, it is your responsibility to be there or arrange a replacement and inform the Vice-Commodore.

Name of Adult Member(s)

Member 1:
Member 2:
Your Email:
Please indicate your first, second & third preferred dates. If you do not have a preferred date, please select "I have no date preference".
1st Preference:
2nd Preference:
3rd Preference:
Are you willing to mentor/assist new members with this task? YesNo

Part 3: Vessel Information & Service Requirements

Do you own a boat? YesNo
Has your vessel information or service requirements changed from the previous year? YesNo
N.B. Separate forms are required for each boat.

Vessel Information

Boat Name:
Boat Builder & Model:
Pleasure Craft Operator Card: Member 1 has PCOC
Member 2 has PCOC
Insurance Company:
Insured’s Name(s):
Policy Number:
Insurance Type: MarineHome

Service Requirements

Select all those applicable. For definition of terms, please see Policy 4: Mooring.

Crane Services
Crane-In: YesNo Crane-Out: YesNo
In BayOffshoreTender (In Bay Boats Only)Non-TenderNone
Multihull/PoweredDinghy (i.e.: Laser, Canoe, Kayak)None
Please Specify for Dinghy(s):
CradleTrailerKeelboat (On the Hard)None
CradleTrailerKeelboatMultihull/PoweredDinghy (i.e.: Laser, Canoe, Kayak)None
Please Specify for Dinghy(s):
Locker (If Available)

Comments/Additional Information:

Part 4: Acknowledgements

Leaving the following boxes checked and clicking "Submit Form" confirms that you acknowledge and agree to all the terms below.

I/We accept and are in compliance with The Stormont Yacht Club’s requirement that members maintain liability insurance in an amount no less than $1,000,000 on all boats whenever moored at SYC or stored on SYC property.
I/We shall maintain insurance coverage continuously while my/our boat is moored &/or stored at SYC, and shall advise The Stormont Yacht Club of any change in insurance status or detail.
I have read & agree to the following conditions

  1. The Owner(s) release the Stormont Yacht (SYC) from any legal responsibility in connection with the launch & mooring of their vessels.
  2. The Owner(s) or a delegate (known to the harbourmaster) will be in attendance at crane-in/out.
    On crane-in/out days the harbours are closed & no work is to be performed on an owner’s boat until all crane-in/out activities have been completed.
  3. The Owner(s) shall be assigned work-sharing tasks by the Harbourmaster or crane-in/out.
  4. The Owner(s) shall remove all materials used to prepare their vessels for crane-in/out.
I/We agree will follow/adhere to the Stormont Yacht Club Policies and have read and understood the General Guidelines and Membership Expectations and agree that I/we will abide by them to the best of our ability.