Late 1957 A gathering was held of interested people to enquire about sailing arrangements on Lake St Lawrence following Inundation Day July 1, 1958. Some of those involved were Bill Mitchell, Harold Skaistkalns, Tom Strawford, Neil McGillis, Robin Peters.
June 1958 A meeting was held at the King George Hotel to discuss the formation of a yacht club. Present were Bill Mitchell, Robin Peters, Tom Strawford, Neil McGillis, Jim Pickard, Don Hall, Fred Kaneb. This meeting decided to:

  • Find a location on the head pond
  • Approach Ontario Hydro or Ontario Parks for land
  • Name the club The Stormont Yacht Club
  • Seek incorporation
  • Approach interested lawyers to seek legal advice
  • Adopt the Yachting World GP14 as club boat
Aug 1958 Arrival of GP14 hull number 561. Boitata was owned by Mitchell, Peters and Strawford.
1959 There were 40 members at $5/year annual dues. Twelve kits were ordered and built during the winter. Commodore Neil McGillis owned Cu-Mara, a home built 30 foot steel hull ketch. Incorporation was received on December 16, 1959 Stormont Yacht Club without share capital.
1960 $5000 was raised by selling $100 ten year notes at 3% interest. The first section of the clubhouse was built off Robin Road. Five floating booms was purchased to use as docks. The membership included Hugh Banfill, George Foster, Curtis Lewis, Neil McGillis, Ralph Randlett, John Shannon, Bill Taylor, Bruce Watson, Barry Wilson.

Bruce Watson reported:

  • Firkin Trophy for Saturday afternoon racing won by Sam Simco.
  • Starting shotgun donated by CIL
  • Old Comet refurbished by Curtis Lewis et al for general use of the members
  • The Commodores Rudder, the first interclub regatta with Brockville YC and Lake St Lawrence YC was won by BYC.
1960 Five yellow 45-gallon drums were set up as permanent private race markers.

The club house was doubled in size by adding a prefab cottage which is now know as the Round Room.

The original crash boat (Courtaulds design) was purchased.

1962 Bruce Watson and Cornwall Gravel relocated the entrance road to south end of Robin Road. Fees were $27.50/yr
1963 First long distance race was held. Trophies now included Firkin, Simco Salver, Bottoms Up, Harry Hertz, Labour Day, Broken Centerboard.
1964 Stormont Yacht Club host the GP14 North American Championship.
1967 The First GP14 World Championship was held at Stormont Yacht Club as part of the Canadian Centennial celebrations. Club members bought 5 plastic hulls for use by overseas competitors. There were 52 entrants from Australia, Barbados, England, South Africa, Trinidad & Tobago, USA as well as Canada. Obstacles were very light winds, floating weeds and the fear by some competitors that the current would sweep them into the powerhouse turbines. Jack Hoad from the Barbados won by winning 4 of 6 races. Dave Petepiece of SYC in #5300 came third, Doug Randlett (crewing for Bruce Brymer from England) came fourth.
1968 Commodore Jack Butt, a retired Scots sea captain, was very concerned about club finances. The capital debt was $7915 and the annual costs were $4640. The fee structure was:

  • Initiation Fee $100
  • Family Membership $60
  • Senior (Single) Membership $45
  • Dry Mooring $10
  • Winter Storage $15
1971 First 24 Hour race in dinghies. Start of the Albacore dinghy fleet.
1972 A nine week junior sailing program run by Betty Chaput, Bruce Watson and Nick Cox trained 63 children. Instructors were Ian Mitchell at $55/w, Gary Watson and John Witherspoon at $45/w, Marion Lewis, Geoff Smith and Rob Mack at $10/w.

The $100 notes were written off in lieu of initiation fee.

Bernie McCoy hired a dragline and bulldozer to deepen a part of the east bay.

This was the first winter to store keel boats (4). Wet mooring fee established at $2/ft LOA plus $10/ft draft.

1975 The clubhouse was again enlarged using material from the destruction of John Shannon’s cottage on Island 17.
1976 The city water line was replaced and the septic system was replaced by a forced system to Robin Road.
1977 The roof of the Round Room was replaced to fix leaks.
1979 SYC renewed the lease from the St. Lawrence Parks Commission at $360/yr. The Club had a $1700 debt and annual expenses of $6340.
1982 Club fees increased to:

  • Initiation Fee $165
  • Family Membership $140
  • Senior Membership $100
  • Dinghy Dry Mooring $25
  • Wet Mooring $2.50/Ft Loa Plus $12/Ft Draft
1984 The West (Mack) Bay was excavated for $30,000 plus $10,000 Canada Works grant.

Bill Mack, Cam Stewart, Tom Guy, Nick Cox and Graham Creedy with Cornwall Gravel. 4 men for 9 weeks and a lot of volunteer help dig the bay. Docks were constructed of timbers from the Cotton Mills and used oil tanks.

The flag mast was constructed using hydro poles from Cornwall Electric and the mast from the old Comet.

A pump out facility was added for members use.

1986 East (McCoy) Bay was enlarged by bulldozers behind a coffer dam at south end down to elev. 231ft asl. Bill Mack and Dave Witherspoon.
1987 The mast crane was installed under the direction of Harry Barlow.
1989 Adult Sail Training weekend was held in June. OSA Sail Training BOOM and BOOM Plus program for juniors was also held.
1990 A Building Fund was set-up to accumulate the necessary funds and a Building Committee was formulated with the intent of replacing the original clubhouse.
1991 A new rescue boat was purchased.
1993 New long term lease, 5 years with rent climbing from $1635 in 1993 to $3525 in 1998. Saving money to replace clubhouse.

The original clubhouse minus the Round Room was demolished and the existing clubhouse was constructed. Mike Hymus, Steve Alexander, Katherine Runnalls et al spent $196,000 of a budget $200,000. Bank loan of $125,000 was secured at prime plus 1%. This loan to be repaid at $8500/yr.

1998 The ice storm of the century in January of 1998 resulted in major clean up in April. The bank loan was down to $56,000.
2000 Fort Stormont was built on McGillis Point to replace the old Race Shack.

The mast crane was replaced.

Fencing and an access gate was installed at the entrance to SYC.

The annual rent was $4000, taxes $5135.

2001 A service building (Bill Barnhart) was erected west of the parking lot at a cost of $23,000.

Two Escape Rumba dinghies were purchased for the junior sail program.

2002 The bank loan down to $20,000
2003 A new 20+20 year lease was negotiated with Parks Commission.

The front concrete pier was removed and replaced by a steel frame (rocket launcher).

2004 Club fees were increased to:

  • Initiation Fee $500/Person, $750/Couple
  • Family Membership $364
  • Senior Membership $262
  • Dinghy Dry Mooring $56
  • Wet Mooring $269 for 22-26ft, $317 for 26- 33ft, $412 for 33-38ft
2005 A new rescue boat and docks were purchased with funds from the Ontario Trillium Grant.
2006 A workboat named Hercules built and launched.
2007 A new roof was installed on the Club House and Round Room.
2008 Renovations were completed to the Round Room and Cupola.
2009 Stormont Yacht Club celebrated 50 years.

East Bay was dredged and expanded.

2010 East Bay Ramps were built and installed.

Front deck was completed.

East Bay hedge was planted and the hill was seeded.

The Mast Crane was refurbished.

The West Bay Break Water was installed.

Piping was replaced in the sewer line and the timer was installed on the pump-out.

2011 Landscaping was completed over the sewer line.

New patio furniture was purchased.

Cement pads were installed along the east bay for the ramps.

New Mast Dolly was built.

New Mast Crane winch and assembly was installed.

Cement walkway by the mast crane was poured.

New 4 Stroke motor for Hercules was installed.

Stumps were removed along the sewer line.

Hercules trailer was repaired.

Trailer for the work boat was purchased.

A new electrical cable was installed across the east bay.

Cement light poles were installed to provide additional lighting and security.

VHF system was enhanced.

A new children’s play structure was erected.

New conduit and wiring was installed on the Flag Pole.

2012 A trench was dug across the parking lot and new electrical box was installed by the East Bay.
2014 New concrete base replaced around Fort Stormont new opening windows installed with maintenance free trim.
2015 The mast crane was painted and re-cabled.